“In Blue Jeans” Philosophy

Laurie Beth Jones seemed to have caught the gist of the idea of being “in blue jeans” when she wrote her best selling “Jesus in blue jeans” book. It expresses the transition of spirituality to practical daily living in the business world.

Well, I would like to use the same idea, if I may. But this time in the area of discipleship.

Jesus prayed a prayer for the disciples in John 17.15 and it says, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

We are meant to be here to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations. And then the end will come (Matthew 24.14).

Immersed but not of this world. Living out the message of Jesus Christ now. Incarnational in our approach to ministry. The lost people around us would start to see how we conduct ourselves in an atmosphere of community. Trust will be developed in the process. From there will flow ministry, prayer, and conversation that in the end will lead to committing themselves to Christ.

Traditionally, our philosophy of ministry goes like this:

believing, before belonging..

Time and again, we try to present the gospel so they can begin to make positive decision, the get assimilated to fellowship. This is logically true and still valid, but churches are now beginning to realize that the opposite could also be true:

belonging, then believing..

People need to get a chance to be invited first into a community, hoping that along the way he/she gets the chance to hear the good news and believe.

Here is the theme song to our Leaders’ Convergence.

6 responses to ““In Blue Jeans” Philosophy

  1. Ferdie, you made my day with that video. Awesome! Send my greetings to all the band members. They did a great job.

  2. galing nito!!! panalo.. good job! may repeat ba?

  3. I’m glad you have it on video. How i wish i was able to come and joined the celebration.
    Looking forward to our next convergenge. God bless.

  4. Awesome …. Great song… amazing words… Ferdie is so gifted!!!!!

    Who was the lead vocal?

    Blessings from our family in Christchurch, New Zealand

  5. Thanks for sharing! That was a realy inspiring song. I feel like going out to win the lost. Engage with open arms an whatnot. I like that

  6. Rexie Sanvictores

    My brother-in-law Demy e-mailed this to me, and i watched it a couple of times as in again and again, i really like it. We thank God for having such a great talents in our church. You really blessed us.

    We miss you all….say hi to Pastor Robert, Pastor Pao, Pastor Ferdie, Weena and Belen

    From our church at Covina Assembly of God……Rexie & Family…Glendale, California

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