How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways*—possibly a thousand times over. Since it’s our 29th, let me cite some.

1. I love how you have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ way back in ‘84.

Judy’s baptism. July 1984.

2. I love how you’ve carried yourself in confidence and beauty that genuinely made me nervously smile every time I try to look at your direction. 

3. I love how you’ve shared your life with other young women in discipleship unabatedly. 

4. I love how you said ‘yes’ to me when I proposed marriage to you on February 14, 1990. I am thoroughly grateful for the gift of marriage He has given to both of us. 

5. I love how you’ve been showing honor to your parents, especially to my mother-law up to this day.

6. I love how you’ve taken good care and love our daughter even the first time we laid your eyes on her on April 25, 1992. 


Cutie baby Elizabeth

7. I love how you would even plan ahead of time whether to have a dad-daughter dates or simply attend her recitals in ballet, piano, school singing, and dancing activities, going to her “Moving-up” ceremonies, and graduations from elementary to the university.

8. I love how you’ve made sure that we would have a great community with our neighbors in Mandaluyong that enhanced great childhood memories for Elle. Calling Bea M. and Matthew M.

9. I love how you have agreed with me to let a professional driver teach Elle by enrolling her in a driving school. I don’t know why. 

10. I love how you would do you heart-to-heart talk with her and imparted to her your love for learning—reading books. 

11. I love how a television screen has not been a central feature in the house. And you’ve maintained it that way all these years. That explains the love for learning and book reading. 

12. I love how you’ve handled yourself despite being surprised when we had Philip after 12 years of waiting. 


Relaxing Philip

13. I love how you’ve maintained composure amid that one month of Philip’s hospital confinement.

14. I love how you’ve found ways to be self-taught and have taken the initiative in handling our son’s condition. The few trips we had to Singapore made us more confident to raise a child with special needs. 

15. I love how in the midst of this, you’ve agreed with me to be Elle’s chaperone for her 18th birthday US trip ten years ago instead of her going alone on a backpack. Just because I watched the movie “Taken.”

16. I love how you’ve supported me and asked me direct questions of why I run ultra-long distances. I knew you liked my answer—“adventure,” but you controlled yourself and just simply said, “mid-life crisis!”

17. I love how you’ve been doing a balancing act on me in my running. When I go extreme in my training, you tell me to slow down. But when I started becoming a couch potato, you would almost kick me out of bed to make sure I get to see my running coach again. 

18. I love how you’ve given me support to run different races. From the first one, 10k, then 21k, to my first marathon—“Takbo para Sa Pasig.” 

19. I love how you’ve embraced my plan to do trans-Pilipinas, multi-day for 44 days of running 50 kilometers a day. 

20. I love how you collaborated with volunteer Victory pastors who took upon themselves to be part of my crew, to contact local officials to be prayed over, running clubs to be able to run side by side with me in almost every city along Maharlika Highway from Mindanao to Luzon. 

21. I love how you’ve refreshed me when you showed up with our kids at Acacia Hotel just to meet up with me since I have never seen you and been running across the Philippines for more than 30 days.


Happiest family moment.

22. I love how you have prepared Philip to welcome me back home after the grueling Run50. 


The boy Philip is the happiest. Glad that dad is home.

23. I love how you have kept pushing me to finish the book Pastor Steve has assigned me to write. Even Walter Walker, who co-wrote with me, saw your sacrifice in helping get it done. He then convinced me to write the dedication of the book just for you. 

RUN Book Cover. Now available via Amazon on Kindle Edition and Paperback. This book is dedicated to our RealLife scholars and fellow donors.

24. I love how you would wake up very early in the morning just to help me get a Grab taxi on your app so I can catch my out-of-town morning flight. 

25. I love how you conscientiously assisted your daughter to have a memorable wedding that everyone’s raving about. 


With Pastor Steve and Debra

26. I love how you have been the kin keeper of the Cabiling home that even Philip would, at times, remind everyone that its time to pray already before going to bed at night.

27. I love how you’ve exemplified generosity in our home. At times people would thank me for the check that we gave them. Hmm, no wonder why you would ask me sometimes to sign extra checks! Seriously, there are times when your number is higher than the amount I thought of. I am blessed to have a crazily, generous wife. 

28. I love how strong you are in facing adversity for almost three decades; at times, you have become my barometer. Indeed you’re a woman of strength.

29. I love how you would prioritize your daily devotion to Christ in prayer and the Word, and that explains 28th.  

Christmas 2019

Judy, we have come a long way. 

I know God has something more that He has in store for both of us. 

And every time I see you, I am reminded of God’s grace in my life. 


My ever dearest, Judith.

Happy Anniversary!

I love you.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. 1806-1861. How Do I Love Thee (Sonnet 43).

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